Net Zero Energy Audit
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Free Energy Audit

Your First Step Towards Net Zero

When was the last time you reviewed your energy costs and consumption?

Whether you are committed to reach Net Zero targets, or you are simply looking to optimise your consumption, an energy audit will give you the opportunity to unlock the full potential of your energy infrastructure, while minimising waste and expense. Our customers see energy audits as a solution to identify sources of energy waste, while adopting innovative solutions to reduce consumption and carbon emissions.

These actions in turn enhance their financial resilience and competitive edge in an increasingly sustainability-focused marketplace. It could mean the same for your business.

We identify inefficiencies



Through our Bill Validation service we have saved customers £5m+ in the last 12 months.

Reduce energy consumption



Reduce invoice costs immediately by optimising energy usage; one of our manufacturing customer saved over £12,500 just by reducing kVA.

Improve environmental impact



We will help you to reduce CO2 generation by conducting a comprehensive assessment of your energy use and emissions.

Your Free Energy Audit in 7 Steps

A comprehensive energy audit is the starting point in driving significant cost savings through the adoption of energy efficiency measures. By embracing these combined practices, your business could improve its bottom line and competitiveness too, while aligning with Net Zero goals and changing consumer preferences.

Gain Insights and Savings

ARO's expert Net Zero and Carbon Management teams can help you transition to a carbon-neutral future whilst boosting business performance.

A comprehensive assessment of your energy use and emissions can identify areas for improvement and set clear Net Zero goals tailored to your industry.

Sign up for our complimentary energy audit service today and embark on a journey towards greater efficiency, cost savings, and environmental responsibility.

Energy Audit Scope

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We will need:

  • Invoices spanning at least 12 months
  • Current contract (Power & Gas) Start and End Dates